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Britch basket adapter
Britch front or rear universal bicycle rack
Britch side frame for bike pannier
DoggyRide Cocoon on Britch
DoggyRide Cocoon Pet Carrier XL
DoggyRide Cocoon Pet Travel Carrier
DoggyRide Cocoon with rack adapter
DoggyRide Mini dog bike trailer
DoggyRide Mini dog stroller
DoggyRide Novel dog bike trailer
DoggyRide Novel Dog Jogger-Stroller
DoggyRide Novel dog stroller
DoggyRide Novel10 dog bike trailer
DoggyRide Original dog bike trailer
DoggyRide Original dog stroller
DoggyRide Original Jogger-Stroller
DutchDog Britch univeral rack with 2 side frames
DutchDog TakeOut pizzaa/meal delivery bag on Britch
Rack adapter with basket bracker
Buddy multi-activity dog leash connector

Let your dog ride in classy comfort in the Original dog bike trailer. An excellent riding option for a larger dog. Let your dog smell the sweet outdoor air through the front panel opening or take in the outdoor excitement by enjoying the view from its very own sunroof!


Product features
  • cabin is easy to use as a crate
  • easily converts to (jogger) stroller with optional set
  • mesh rear door for maximum air flow through cabin
  • interior safety leash included
  • folds quickly and easily for storage
  • sturdy steel frame
  • meets or exceeds ASTM safety standards

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