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Britch basket adapter
Britch front or rear universal bicycle rack
Britch side frame for bike pannier
DoggyRide Cocoon bike basket/carrier
DoggyRide Cocoon Pet Carrier XL
DoggyRide Cocoon Pet Travel Carrier
DoggyRide Mini dog bike trailer
DoggyRide Mini dog stroller
DoggyRide Novel dog bike trailer
DoggyRide Novel Dog Jogger-Stroller
DoggyRide Novel dog stroller
DoggyRide Novel10 dog bike trailer
DoggyRide Original dog bike trailer
DoggyRide Original dog stroller
DoggyRide Original Jogger-Stroller
DutchDog Britch univeral rack with 2 side frames
Rack adapter with basket bracker
Buddy multi-activity dog leash connector


Cargo Roof Rack
DoggyRide Mini bike kit
DoggyRide Mini pet mat
DoggyRide Mini Rain cover
DoggyRide Mini stroller kit
DoggyRide Novel/Original Luxury Pet Mat
DoggyRide Novel/Original Rain Cover
DoggyRide Original or Novel Bike Conversion Set
DoggyRide Original or Novel Jogger-Stroller Conversion Set
DoggyRide Original or Novel Kickstand
DoggyRide Original or Novel Stroller Conversion Set
Extra hitch
Hitch adapter
Klickfix handlebar E adapter
Klickfix seat post adapter
Leash set
Original stroller kit (old model)
Squaeky Toy
Storage bag Original-Novel

This rain cover quickly and easily slips right over the top of your cabin to protect against rainy conditions. Include breathing pockets for continued air flow.

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