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When was the company founded?


The company was founded in 2003 as Montare LLC, but changed the doing business as name later to Dutch Dog Design.


Did the company change its focus over time?


The initial focus was to design products for the cycling industry in the ‘cycling together’ category, but changed over time to the pet industry when we introduced our DoggySnooze product line


Where is the company located?


We have dual locations in the United States and in the Netherlands. See our Contact Us page for more information.


Which geographical markets does the company serve and which office to contact?


We are actively selling in North America, Europe, Asia and Oceania. The Netherlands office serves Europe and the other markets are served by the US office.


What best describes the company's culture?


We are a design company focused on the consumer. Our Values page best describes where we stand for.

Where are Dutch Dog Design products sold?


Our products are widely available in our markets in the United States and the Netherlands and further available in Canada, Japan, New Zealand and other European countries. They are available in several pet and bicycle (for the DoggyRide product line) stores in the Netherlands and in a limited number in the United States. The Where to Buy page will indicate per product line where they are being sold. As we primarily design them for the consumer they can be found on-line and through


What if we like to offer your products in our stores?


The best way is to contact us through our contact us page and a member of our inside sales team will contact you.


Does Dutch Dog Design drop ship for e-commerce retailers?


Yes, we drop ship orders for e-commerce retailers.


Can I buy directly from the Dutch Dog Design website?


Yes, click on the Buy Online button on the product detail of your interest and this will lead you a separate website to purchase it.

What type of charitable organizations does Dutch Dog Design support?


The requirement is that it is 501c3 charitable organization which mission is related to improve pet health and well being.


How does Dutch Dog Design support them?


We donate items to auctions or other types of fundraising events throughout the year.


What should I do when I represent a 501c3 organization and like to have my event to be considered?


Please send an e-mail with donation form to the e-mail address on the Contact Us page and we’ll let you know whether it would be considered. Each request is considered based on a number of criteria, like cause, timing, location and event type.


Are there other form of donations Dutch Dog Design does?


Yes, the founder contributes annually to different charitable organizations, mostly to organizations in developing countries, but he considers giving a non-marketing related matter.

Which product lines does Dutch Dog Design produce?


We currently make four product lines for the pet industry. The award winning DoggyRide product line for cycling with your dog, the modular elevated pet furniture line DoggySnooze, the art inspired fashion collars and leashes Amsterdam and the outdoor activity leash connector line Buddy.


When were these product lines introduced?


The DoggyRide product line was introduced in 2003, the DoggySnooze line in 2010, the Amsterdam line in 2012 and the Buddy line in 2014.


What is the relationship between these lines?


All our product lines are either outdoor or lifestyle related as that is our focus and our unique position in the pet industry.


Will new lines be added soon?


Our current focus in new product development is to further grow into the existing lines with new product, new designs.