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DoggyRide Original Jogger-Stroller

459.00  EUR 
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The Original Jogger-Stroller allows you to spending more time jogging or strolling with your senior dog. The internal wheel aligner allows for the wheel to remain locked straight when jogging, and is easily unlatched to allow for free swiveling and turning.

Urban Red/Black
Maximum maat hond 65 cm schouder hoogte
Binnenmaten 31.5 x 21 x 25.5 in/80 x 56 x65 cm
Netto gewicht 42 lbs/19 kgs
Maximum laadgewicht 100 lbs/45 kgs
Hoogte duwstang 39-41 in/99-104 cm
Wielgrootte/band 20 inch/Kenda 20 x 1.75
Voorwiel/band 8.5 inch/Kenda 8.5 x 2
DoggyRide Novel/Original Luxury Pet Mat
Riding with comfort
  44.95  EUR
DoggyRide Novel/Original Rain Cover
Rain or shine - doggyride on
  44.95  EUR
DoggyRide Mini/Original/Novel 20 Bike Kit
Turn the stroller into a bike trailer and getting riding.
  64.95  EUR
Cargo Roof Rack
Ready for your next adventure
  59.95  EUR
Leash set
Additional leash set and leash coupler
  19.95  EUR