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Cargo Roof Rack
Ready for your next adventure
59.95  EUR
DoggyRide Mini bike kit
Turn your Mini stroller into a dog bike trailer
39.95  EUR
DoggyRide Mini jogger-stroller set
DoggyRide Mini jogger-stroller set
129.00  EUR
DoggyRide Mini pet mat
Add a pad for riding comfort
39.95  EUR
DoggyRide Mini Rain cover
Protect your dog and your trailer from the rain
39.95  EUR
DoggyRide Mini stroller kit
Convert the Mini trailer into a stroller
89.95  EUR
DoggyRide Mini/Original/Novel 20 Bike Kit
Turn the stroller into a bike trailer and getting riding.
64.95  EUR
DoggyRide Novel/Original Luxury Pet Mat
Riding with comfort
44.95  EUR
DoggyRide Novel/Original Rain Cover
Rain or shine - doggyride on
44.95  EUR
DoggyRide Original or Novel Jogger-Stroller Conversion Set
Jogger or stroller option for your DoggyRide
149.00  EUR
DoggyRide Original or Novel Kickstand
Stability during entry and exit
49.95  EUR
DoggyRide Original or Novel Stroller Conversion Set
Turn the trailer into a stroller
89.95  EUR
Extra hitch
For the second bicycle
19.95  EUR
Klickfix handlebar E adapter
Handlebar adapter
69.95  EUR
Leash set
Additional leash set and leash coupler
19.95  EUR
Original stroller kit (old model)
Original stroller kit (old model)
99.95  EUR
Storage bag Original-Novel
Store it, protect it
99.95  EUR