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Britch front or rear universal bicycle rack

69.95  EUR 

The Britch is a unique and universal bicycle rack/hitch.

The bicycle rack fits both front and/or rear. On the rear it clamps onto the seat tube and in front to the down tube and the product can be used both sides by flipping the platform. In fact it extends the bicycle frame and transmits the weight to the center of the bicycle to make riding with any load safe and easy. Add side frame(s) if you want to use panniers or a basket bracket for a basket.

On the rear the rack functions also as a trailer hitch for trailers that support the Britch connection.

Benefits of Britch over traditional bicycle racks:

  • Supports heavier loads
  • Distribute loads to center of the bicyle
  • Does not intervene with axle hub
  • Fits on electric bicycles
  • Consist of the two section to easy remove or switch on bicycles
  • Front load does not swing with the handlebar
  • Easy Slide-and-click basket connection
Maximum laadgewicht 80 lbs
Platform afmetingen 17 L x 5 W (inches) / 43 l x 13 b (cm)
Britch basket adapter
Add a basket
  24.95  EUR
Britch side frame for bike pannier
Add bike panniers
  9.95  EUR