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Britch basket adapter
Britch front or rear universal bicycle rack
Britch side frame for bike pannier
Clamp section Britch v2
DoggyRide Cocoon on Britch
DoggyRide Cocoon Pet Carrier XL
DoggyRide Cocoon Pet Travel Carrier
DoggyRide Cocoon with rack adapter
DoggyRide Joey trailer/car
DoggyRide Mini cabin with wheels
DoggyRide Mini dog bike trailer
DoggyRide Mini dog bike trailer 2020
DoggyRide Mini dog stroller
DoggyRide Mini Jogger-stroller
DoggyRide Mini on Britch Lite
DoggyRide Mini on Brritch
DoggyRide Novel 15 cabin
DoggyRide Novel cabin with wheels
DoggyRide Novel dog bike trailer
DoggyRide Novel Dog Jogger-Stroller
DoggyRide Novel dog stroller
DoggyRide Novel on Britch Lite
DoggyRide Novel tariler on Britch
DoggyRide Novel10 dog bike trailer
DoggyRide Novel15 dog bike trailer
DoggyRide Original cabin with wheels
DoggyRide Original dog bike trailer
DoggyRide Original dog stroller
DoggyRide Original Jogger-Stroller
DutchDog Britch univeral rack with 2 side frames
DutchDog TakeOut pizzaa/meal delivery bag on Britch
Kickwheel for Britch tow arm
Novel15 Jogger-Stroller
Rack adapter
Tow arm for Britch (Lite)

Expand your outdoor experiences with the Buddy!

The Buddy Multi-Activity Dog Leash Connector provides you a more comfortable and effective way for both you and your dog to be able to enjoy outdoor activities together such as hiking, biking, jogging and walking. The Buddy, with its simple, looped design, can easily be looped onto your bicycle frame, backpack, belt loops or even stroller, while the other end is clipped to the dog’s leash. This frees up your hands and allows for enjoyment of other activities.

“WOW, it’s amazing how something so simple can revolutionize the way you exercise with pets.” - Amazon user review


Product features
  • COMFORT: soft, ergonomic silicone grip provides comfort
  • FASHION: express your style with your favorite leash, paired with your choice of Buddy color
  • VERSATILITY: bungee + carabiner design provides versatility to allow for 1 product to be used in many situations, to aid in your health and fitness goals (dogtrot version includes jogging belt)
  • SAFETY: bungee absorbs the shock from sudden pulls by your dog

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