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Britch basket adapter
Britch front or rear universal bicycle rack
Clamp section Britch v2
DoggyRide Cocoon on Britch
DoggyRide Cocoon Pet Carrier XL
DoggyRide Cocoon Pet Travel Carrier
DoggyRide Cocoon with rack adapter
DoggyRide Joey trailer/car
DoggyRide Mini cabin with wheels
DoggyRide Mini hondenfietskar
DoggyRide Mini dog bike trailer 2020
DoggyRide Mini hondenbuggy
DoggyRide Mini Jogger-stroller
DoggyRide Mini on Britch Lite
DoggyRide Mini on Brritch
DoggyRide Novel 15 cabin
DoggyRide Novel cabin with wheels
DoggyRide Novel hondenfietskar
DoggyRide Novel honden jogger-buggy
DoggyRide Novel hondenbuggy
DoggyRide Novel on Britch Lite
DoggyRide Novel tariler on Britch
DoggyRide Novel10 hondenfietskar
DoggyRide Novel15 dog bike trailer
DoggyRide Original cabin with wheels
DoggyRide Original hondenfietskar
DoggyRide Original hondenbuggy
DoggyRide Original jogger/hondenbuggy
DutchDog Britch univeral rack with 2 side frames
DutchDog TakeOut pizzaa/meal delivery bag on Britch
Kickwheel for Britch tow arm
Novel15 Jogger-Stroller
Rack adapter
Set of Britch side frames
Tow arm for Britch (Lite)

The new 2020 Mini pet trailer exceeds all requirements for a sturdy lifetime outdoors solution for your pet to enjoy,

The cabin folds and can be used as a crate indoors or while camping out. The mess windows are that strong to be suitable for a cat as well, while the rooftop provides a perfect lookout for your exploring pooch.

Besides being used as a bicycle trailer it can turn into a jogger-stroller with the jogger-stroller kit. The sturdiness of the bicycle trailer makes the stroller easy to handle and very durable.

This bicycle trailer allows three different ways of bicycle connection to be in line with new developments for electric bicycles or expensive hubs with tru axle drop outs. Traditional axle connection - connects to the rear hub (not suitable for electric bicycles or bicycles with a hub gear); Britch Lite rear rack connection - connects to an existing rear rack (strongly recommended for electric bicycles or bicycles with hub gears); Britch connection - connects to the Britch rack (included - strongly recommended for electric bicycles or bicycles with hub gears);


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