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Britch basket adapter
Britch front or rear universal bicycle rack
Britch side frame for bike pannier
DoggyRide Cocoon on Britch
DoggyRide Cocoon Pet Carrier XL
DoggyRide Cocoon Pet Travel Carrier
DoggyRide Cocoon with rack adapter
DoggyRide Mini dog bike trailer
DoggyRide Mini dog stroller
DoggyRide Novel dog bike trailer
DoggyRide Novel Dog Jogger-Stroller
DoggyRide Novel dog stroller
DoggyRide Novel10 dog bike trailer
DoggyRide Original dog bike trailer
DoggyRide Original dog stroller
DoggyRide Original Jogger-Stroller
DutchDog Britch univeral rack with 2 side frames
DutchDog TakeOut pizzaa/meal delivery bag on Britch
Rack adapter with basket bracker
Buddy multi-activity dog leash connector


Cargo Roof Rack
DoggyRide Mini bike kit
DoggyRide Mini pet mat
DoggyRide Mini Rain cover
DoggyRide Mini stroller kit
DoggyRide Novel/Original Luxury Pet Mat
DoggyRide Novel/Original Rain Cover
DoggyRide Original or Novel Bike Conversion Set
DoggyRide Original or Novel Jogger-Stroller Conversion Set
DoggyRide Original or Novel Kickstand
DoggyRide Original or Novel Stroller Conversion Set
Extra hitch
Hitch adapter
Klickfix handlebar E adapter
Leash set
Original stroller kit (old model)
Storage bag Original-Novel

Have your pet ride in style and comfort, lounging on a pet mat which absorbs road vibrations and provides additional padding for older joints.

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